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‘Britain may not need to pay a penny!’ Expert DESTROYS EU’s Brexit bill demands

Editorial:   One of the commentors on the newspaper article is a member of an Open Source Legal Group and have asked for and been granted a Judicial Review with regard to Brexit negotiations.  He has  it on his desk but we should all remind him to take note of it:  Please email him at:

Subject: Judicial Review Claim No: CO/4310/2017 Re: VOID ECA1972

Dear Mr Davis I am bringing to your attention that you, as Brexit Secretary, have a Judicial Review, as above, on your desk. This has been accepted, signed and sealed by the High Court. As a Brexiteer we need you to stand behind us, the people. We are a Constitutional Law Group (Open Source Law). You MUST let this Judicial Review go through Court. I am trusting you will get behind us in this.

Yours sincerely

THE UK does not have to pay a penny more to the European Union for Brexit, Hungarian economist Zsolt Darvas claimed.

Mr Darvas said the United Kingdom is not legally required to pay a Brexit divorce bill to Brussels.The Bruegel senior fellow told Deutsche Welle: “In a very strict legal sense, the UK may not need to pay a penny because when the UK leaves the EU all European Union‘s laws cease to apply to the United Kingdom including the laws that govern the financial contribution to the EU budget.

However, Mr Darvas said that the decision to pay would be influenced by politics rather than law: “This is a very extreme legal interpretation and a more political interpretation is that the United Kingdom agreed to the whole seven-year budget of the EU and therefore the UK has to pay for it.”

Brexit news - Zsolt Darvas said the UK is not legally bound to pay the EUGETTY/DEUTSCHE WELLE

Mr Darvas said the UK is not legally required to pay a Brexit bill

Mr Darvas’ comments follow Prime Minister Theresa May‘s keynote speech on Brexit where she said the UK would continue to pay into the EU budget through a transitional period of up to two years.The PM told the Florence audience that she did not want to see the EU lose out during the budget period running up to 2020 from Brexit.

She claimed Britain would honour its obligations, which looks likely to mean a settlement of at least £18billion.

Speaking on the Brexit bill and the UK’s budget commitments, she said: “Our departure causes another type of uncertainty.

“I do not want our partners to fear they need to pay more as a result of our decision to leave.”As we move forward, we want to work together in ways that promote the economic development of our continent.”

Brexit secretary David Davis travelled to Brussels yesterday to embark on a fresh round of talks on the UK’s withdrawal from the EU in an attempt to break the deadlock stalling the progression of the negotiations.

Mr Davis said any multi-billion pound payment to Brussels must be contingent on us getting a future trade deal – just moments after Michel Barnier said the two issues could not be linked.

The British side believes it is unrealistic to expect them to part with billions of pounds in taxpayers’ cash – the EU is asking for up to £90 billion – without securing assurances on trade.

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keep sayong that we need not pay a penny, so why are we?


Mr Davis will be fed up with hearing from me 🙂 But I will indeed fire another mail at him. I do not see regardless of any on going agreements how they can ask for an unsubstantiated amount as a brexit bill, Has it been itemised? Oh hang on a minute, they cant even balance their own books and haven’t been able for at least 20 years, How the hell did they get away with that? However until their books are balanced I think we should tell them whistle for any brexit bill unless they can prove exactly where it… Read more »

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