Brexit MUST show other member states they too can LEAVE the European Union

BRTIAIN’S exit from the European Union (EU) must show other countries they can liberate themselves from Brussels, according to the director of a think tank.

David Davis and Michel Barnier GETTY

The director thinks the UK should make an example of Brexit so other countries also leave

Director of the Bruges Group, Robert Oulds thinks the UK should help other countries to leave the EU by helping them with their trade deals.He told “There is a quiet revolution happening with the countries left in the EU, countries like Poland and Hungary are standing up for themselves and they are looking towards Britain and Brexit.

“The last thing we want is a Europe dominated by the EU.”

Robert Oulds

Mr Oulds said it is now in Britain’s interest to have a weaker EU so Britain should encourage other countries to leave the troubled bloc.He said: “There is great decentralisation. Britain leaving will lead to other countries wanting to get their power back, the EU is now a rival to Britain and we should encourage them.

“We do not want to be run by the EU.

“The Remoaners are giving hope to the EU that we will come back, they need to get behind the project UK.“We must show other countries that Brexit can be successful.

David Davis and Michel Barnier GETTY

Michel Barnier and David Davis held a joint press conference today in Brussels

“We must work with other countries and help them get trade agreements around the world, they will realise that they too can leave the EU.“We need to show other countries that they can have their independence too.”

The think tank director cited Ireland, Denmark, Lithuania and Sweden as countries that could be next to leave the bloc.

Nigel Farage GETTY

The author believes other countries will leave the bloc too

He said: “Euroscepticism is growing”.Mr Oulds also wrote ‘Everything you wanted to know about the EU- But were afraid to ask’.

It comes as Brexit talks drag on after EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier said Britain could face months of wrangling before the European Union is ready to open talks on future trade deal.

Following a fourth round of talks in the Belgian capital with Brexit Secretary David Davis, Mr Barnier said while they had made progress, more needed to be done.Downing Street had been hoping that Theresa’s May’s Florence speech – in which she proposed Britain would continue to pay into EU coffers for a two-year transition period – would unblock the talks and enable them to move on to the second stage, including a free trade agreement.

But at a joint press conference, Mr Barnier said that while the speech had created a “good dynamic” there were still differences which needed to be resolved on future citizens’ rights and the UK’s “divorce bill”.

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