EU citizens will have MORE rights than Britons in UK under bizarre TWO-TIER law plan

EU CITIZENS living in the UK after Brexit will be able to take advantage of a two tier legal system, granting them more rights than Brits, under proposed plans.

In a complete U-turn,  Secretary David Davis admitted EU citizens living in Britain will be able to appeal to UK courts using European law, which will override British law.

During his closing remarks at the fourth round of negotiations in Brussels, Mr Davis said: “The United Kingdom has committed to incorporating the final withdrawal agreement fully into UK law.

He confessed the law would have a “direct effect” when it came to defending the rights of 3.5 million EU citizens in Britain.

The Brexit Secretary added: “We also recognise the need to ensure the consistent interpretation of EU law concepts.”

David DaviesGETTY

David Davies admitted EU citizens will be able to appeal to UK courts using European law

David Davies

 chief negotiator Michel Barnier welcomed a confirmation from Mr Davis that the withdrawal treaty guaranteeing the rights of three million EU citizens in Britain should have “direct effect” in British law – effectively, Britain cannot change them via new legislation.

The EU continues to demand that people also have the right to pursue grievances at the EU’s own court.

Previously Mr Davis had said it would be inappropriate to guarantee the future rights of EU citizens legally.

The Government also confessed UK courts would be able to take account of rulings from the European Court of Justice when interpreting any such new law.

Jacob Rees-MoggGETTY

Jacob Rees-Mogg lashed out at the new findings

Mr Davis denied the new plans would “not look anything” like the current European Communities Act 1972 as he faced a backlash in London.

Brexiteer MP Jacob Rees-Mogg lashed out at the new findings comparing EU citizens in the UK to “colonial occupiers”.

He said: “You could not have a situation here where an EU citizen living in the UK had more rights than a British citizen. That would give them the status of colonial occupiers.”

Nicholas Hatton, the co-chairman of “the 3 million”, a group for EU citizens said: “This direct effect is really welcome. I think it is really positive because it will mean if there is any attempt to change our rights by a future government, or the Home Office, we will be able to challenge in the UK courts.”

Michel BarnierGETTY

Michel Barnier welcomed Britain’s assurance that it would adopt ‘EU law concepts’

It comes after barrister Martin Howe QC said a new court would have to be set up to help free the UK legal system from the European Court of Justice (ECJ).

He said by creating a new court, the Government would be taking a “symbolic step to making Britain’s legal system supreme again.”

Mr Howe added the court would “give our judges the necessary tools to uphold and interpret the law whilst being in a relationship of cooperation as equals with the ECJ.”

Mr Barnier welcomed Britain’s assurance that it would adopt “EU law concepts” but said it did not go far enough and branded the ECJ issue a “stumbling block.”

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