‘We’re not supplicants!’ Theresa May unleashes FIERY slap down at Brussels

PRIME Minister Theresa May said the United Kingdom will not stoop down to beg Brussels for a Brexit trade deal because reaching an agreement is in everyone’s interests.

The Prime Minister rubbished claims the United Kingdom “requested” a transitional Brexit deal from the EU as it gave the impression Britain had to beg.Speaking to BBC Radio 4 Today, Mrs May said: “You said it’s a request from us. Actually, I think it’s very important that in these negotiations people don’t just think of the United Kingdom as some sort of supplicant asking for things.

“We’re talking about a negotiation to build a new partnership between the UK and the EU. A partnership that I believe will be good for the UK and good for the EU. Us leaving doesn’t only affect us. It affects the EU as well.”

Brexit News - PM May says UK will not beg EU for a dealBBC

Mrs May said a Brexit deal is in the best interests of both the UK and the EU

She defended the Government’s proposals to strike a temporary deal with the EU after Brexit, claiming that rather than a transition into Brexit Britain it would rather serve as an opportunity to implement new legislation regulating the UK after its divorce from Brussels.Mrs May placated fears over the length of the implementation after key figures such as Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson expressed concerns over the possible extension of the transition into well after March 2019.

In a television interview on the first day of the Tory conference in Manchester, the Prime Minister said a string of EU leaders had personally welcomed the plan for Britain’s departure from the bloc which she had put forward in her recent speech in Florence.

She denied claims of internal division, insisting her Cabinet were united around the mission to take the country out of the EU.

European officials have informed the Prime Minister that Brexit talks will resume in time for Christmas.The go-ahead from the European leaders signals a new start to the floundering talks.

The news comes after the Europeans leaders cast doubt on whether talks would even be able to resume following very little progress.

Britain has been seeking to push the talks beyond the terms of the divorce and on to future ties, including trade, at a European meeting later in October.

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“Fiery”? If that was her being fiery we have no chance.


Words are cheap and she is good as stringing words together, but you know what. I don’t any longer believe one word she says. I think her agenda is to stay in the eu and deny democracy in favour of the uk being governed by an unelected dictatorship.She needs to go and go now. Resign May you are very weak. to weak to be pm.

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