Fury as minister says Brexit was the working class ‘throwing a tantrum’ over immigration

A FOREIGN Office minister caused outrage after he said Brexit voters “threw a bit of a tantrum” over immigration.

Sir Alan Duncan, a staunch Europhile, said the Brexit campaign had “stirred up a lot of sentiment” about migration among people who do not usually vote.During a speech at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, he said: “You could feel blue-collar, urban, traditional Labour opinion going viral for Leave.

“They were stirred up by an image of immigration which made them angry and made them throw a bit of a tantrum.”

Alan Duncan MP has hit out at Brexit votersGetty

Sir Alan Duncan has said Brexit voters had a ‘tantrum’ during the referendum

Asked during the Q&A section about how he felt about areas such as Boston in Lincolnshire where large amounts of people voted to leave the European Union (EU), Sir Alan said that it was “one of the paradoxes” of the campaign as the agricultural sector there was largely dependent on migrant workers.He said: “Lincolnshire folk if you like said ‘Oh, they are coming to pinch our jobs’.

“Well, they wouldn’t do the jobs themselves anyway so it was a slightly artificial anger.”

Sir Alan Duncan, MP

Sir Alan, the MP for Rutland and Melton, said an “anti-establishment feeling” as well as a “badly conducted” campaign by Remainers helped the Brexit vote.He said: “We have to make the most of what we are now required to do by the referendum to try and turn it into an opportunity and not a disaster.”

The comments by the Minister of State for Europe and the Americas were blasted by the new Ukip leader Henry Bolton who called for Sir Alan to be sacked over his comments.

Leave voters campaigning for Brexit during the referendumGetty

Sir Alan Duncan has come under fire for his comments about Brexit voters

Former Ukip leader Nigel Farage has hit out over Alan Duncan's commentsGetty

Former Ukip leader Nigel Farage has hit out at Alan Duncan’s Brexit comments

Mr Bolton said: “How can a man who is meant to represent the UK in Europe feel that way about the majority of the people in the UK?“The contempt that he shows towards the 17.4 million is a disgrace, but is symptomatic of a political elite who despise the ordinary people of our country and their hopes and aspirations.

“The Prime Minister cannot just sit back and allow this. Her authority and credibility already are already in question and the words of her minister will undermine her even further if she doesn’t act.”

Mr Bolton’s comments were backed up by Nigel Farage, the former leader of Ukip, who took to Twitter to write: “If Mrs May is serious about Brexit, she will sack @AlanDuncanMP immediately for his outrageous & arrogant comments.”

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