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Over for EU? CHEXIT on the cards as Czech Republic party leader calls for referendum

THE Czech Republic could follow in Britain’s footsteps and hold a referendum on leaving the European Union, according to the leader of a far-right party.

Czech referendum: Tomio Okamura and JunckerGETTY•REUTERS

The Czech Republic could have a referendum on leaving the EU

Tomio Okamura and his Freedom and Direct Democracy Party (SPD) could be about to become the kingmaker in this weekend’s general election.His party has experienced a huge surge in popularity in the polls on the eve of the vote – meaning he could secure 10 per cent and form part of the governing coalition.

And Mr Okamura insisted he would use his newfound power to push his hardline anti-EU and anti-immigration policies into the mainstream.

He told the Telegraph: “We want to leave just like Britain and we want a referendum on EU membership.

Tomio Okamura and Gert wildersGETTY

Tomio Okamura is part of the populist movement, with Gert Wilders

“Over the last couple of years, the EU has shown itself to be un-reformable.“The elites are incapable of showing the flexibility needed to react to current and crucial problems such as terrorism and the migration of Muslim-African colonisers to Europe.”

The half Japanese politician has become increasingly popular amongst disaffected Czech citizens.

And while most opinion polls point to the centre-right Ano party as the clear favourite, Mr Okamura is expected to play kingmaker.

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