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One of the most gratifying things about running a website is the wealth of information that I have access to concerning the people that regularly sign on to read the various articles posted each day.

we average between 8,000 and 10,000 ‘hits’ per week from all over the World which for a small site such as ours is pretty stupendous, though our highest was 8,651 in a single day back in May last year.

The majority, of course, come from Britain and Europe, but around 10% of regular visitors come from the Americas, the Far East and the Antipodes and even a month ago when we had, for some reason, a run of over 400 in a single day from Israel. But I suggest, that the majority outside of Britain do not understand the full story of why Britain wants to leave the European Union.

More than 17.4 Million of Britons voted to leave in the referendum in the highest turn-out for any election (more than 72%) in the history of this Country. Of the 16.1 Million that voted to stay, many are now of the opinion that Brexit should be finalised as soon as possible. In fact, according to several polls, more than 70% of the British People want to leave the EU as quickly as possible.

It was inevitable that the ‘Establishment’ and much of ‘Commerce’ wished to keep the status quo. This, of course, included most of the Press who campaigned unremittingly against Brexit. So many of them gained so much financial benefit from membership, but there are many who put their Country before taking the ‘thirty pieces of silver’ to betray the birthright of Britain’s Citizens and their children.

We were duped into joining a simple trading bloc by unscrupulous ‘Internationalist’ politicians that eventually morphed into an ideological construct, ruled by unelected ideologues that wish to form their own ’empire’ in much the same way as all other movements have done before. For the majority in Britain, we want no part of it. We have been a free nation for almost a thousand years, and most Britons see no reason to change that.

This small island of the coast of Northern Europe has been a massive influence in the way this World has developed. Despite many earlier excesses, Britain has given the gift of ‘English Common Law’ to most of the English speaking World. A code of Law that has been in the making for more than a thousand years when King Alfred the Great fought off the Danes and unified England into a single Country and established the beginnings of the ‘Common Law’.

Apart from a single hiccup in the middle of the eleventh century when William of Normandy invaded us, we have never been subjected to foreign influence since. We were not even subjected to the iniquitous tribulations of the ‘Inquisition’ to any great extent when all of Europe was subjected to religious excesses. Nor were we subjected to the laws made by whichever Monarch or Conqueror that was in power in the various regions of Europe because we had the protection of ‘Magna Carta’ which gave Free Men rights under the Law.

It was King Henry VIII of England who established the Law of the Sea that provided the World with the right of passage.

Though Britain has had many tribulations, we have never been defeated. Even in two World Wars, we, with the help of good friends prevailed.

Why then, should the British People wish to be subjugated by a foreign power willingly?

Though many of our young were brought up under the influence of the European Union and misguided teachings of the Left Wing, it was mostly the older generation of Britain who remembered the times before 1972 and knew that Britain should not be subjugated by ideologues who may have originally thought that ‘Internationalism’ where all could live as ‘brothers’ was the correct way to go but we recognised the fact that, as is the case when achieving power, that all power becomes corrupt. Thankfully, many of the young in Britain also recognised this truth and wanted no part of it and voted to leave the EU too.

The reason that so many of those that voted to remain in the EU and have since changed their mind is the violent rhetoric coming from the EU. They have become appalled at the frequently expressed vehemence coming from the EU Commission and EU Parliament that wish to ‘punish’ Britain for having the temerity in wishing to leave and pursue our own destiny.

The majority of British People want no part of being associated with a construct that is willing to sacrifice the well being of its population in pursuit of its ideology for making Europe into a single, federalised state with unelected politicians in sole charge of their destiny. So many wars have been fought on the European continent by such people who’s pursuit of personal power overrides everything else.

Such thinking has caused so much turmoil over the relatively recent times with the rise of Napoleon, two wars with the Germans and with the Soviet Union and yet, people have short memories. Somehow, the People of Europe seem to be at ease with it, in comparison to British Law, and are if not happy with, are complacent about the lack of legal freedoms that the British enjoy. They know no better.

The proposed legal system for a federalised Europe is ‘Corpus Juris’ (the body of the Law) in which the rights of the ‘State’ are paramount in comparison with ‘Habeus Corpus’ (show me the body) which ensures the right of trial within a short time and with due process as opposed to a system whereby the accused may be incarcerated whilst the ‘crime’ is investigated and then set free if not guilty. Worse still, the prosecutors can appeal the result and bring the accused before the Courts again without notice. Common Law recognises the rights against ‘double jeopardy’, European Law does not.

Under Common Law, there is no crime unless something is specifically forbidden. Under Corpus Juris under the European Union, nothing is allowed unless expressively given permission. That is the basis for totalitarianism and the British People want no part of it as a concept and the decreasing number that still wish to remain in the EU are unaware of the consequences or believe it cannot happen to them, but it will if they should by some parody get their wish.

Such thinking is why this website exists. It is not jingoistic fervour that keeps us campaigning to bring Britain out of the European Union, it is the heartfelt wish for Britain to not give up the rights that we have had for centuries and not to be ruled from some supra-national oligarchy for which we have no democratic control. Unfortunately there are far too many that would give it all up either from ignorance or greed. We will continue to fight.

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Margaret Robinson
Margaret Robinson

Hi Peter thanks for that. People find it hard to understand that our reasons for wanting to leave the eu are perhaps not particularly tangible. For many of us it was simply instinct. We intuitively knew it was wrong for us.


Thanks Peter and glad you are getting interest in the site from various sources. Any Brit with a bit of backbone and a reasonable perspective of our great history (pre- 1972 of course!) will understand and agree entirely with all of your comments today. Well said! One of the most significant and stark differences between us and the whole of the European continent is, as you say, our rich heritage of our Common law. “Under Common Law, there is no crime unless something is specifically forbidden. Under Corpus Juris under the European Union, nothing is allowed unless expressively given permission.… Read more »

Jane Davies
Jane Davies

All the hits you are getting over the world helps to give other countries a different perspective on what is happening. Here in Canada the news is biased, the opinion is that the UK is making a big mistake leaving, the CBC seems to be getting their news from the biased BBC and whenever I can I put people right . After a biased op-ed in my local paper I had a letter published explaining some of the reasons why 17.4 million want out. They really have no idea about the realities of belonging to the corrupt EU. Now that… Read more »


Hi Peter I have been with your site for a while now and I think we are a long way from being free of the shackles of the eu, So many including our own pm seem to have little interest in doing the right thing and just pulling the plug on the eu. Surely everyone knows by now that we will never get a deal from the eu that is of any use to us and I see a lot of smoke and mirrors going on to hide what is truly going on underneath by corrupt politicians on both sides.… Read more »


Great piece and obviously from the heart, i have enjoyed visiting your site and wish it many happy days yet.
Although i suppose when we have the success we all want the site will be sadly redundant.

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