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British could spark EU superstate: Bow Group’s warning on David Davis’s new Brexit offer

AN influential Tory thinktank has warned that David Davis’s latest offer to Europe on citizenship right threatens to create an EU superstate in law.

The Bow Group has called for the UK government to cease consideration to the creation of stand alone EU citizenship as part of the  negotiations.They argue that it would end up undermining the sovereignty of European peoples and to place the UK at risk of being pulled into an even more centralised EU than now.

It comes after Brexit Secretary  told a parliamentary committee this week that he would he will “look seriously” at the idea proposed by hard line euro federalist, European Parliament Brexit chief negotiator Guy Verhofstadt.

Mr Verhoftadt who wants an  superstate has suggested creating “associate citizenship” for UK citizens in the EU, and he welcomed Mr Davis’ comments.

David Davis’s latest offer to EU threatens to create an EU superstate says a leading thinktank

Brexit Secretary David Davis GETTY

Brexit Secretary David Davis has said he will ‘look seriously’ at the proposal

This opt in or additional citizenship would be new and create of itself a European superstate to support it

Jonathan Stanley – Secretary of the Bow Group

Jonathan Stanley, the secretary of the Bow Group, which campaigned for Brexit, said: “This opt in or additional citizenship would be new and create of itself a European superstate to support it.“Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty removes the UK from the European Council for the purposes of the withdrawal negotiations and the European Parliament has no power to amend EU treaties to create statehood.”

The Bow Group warned in December 2016 that this was “a backdoor to the creation of a federal Europe” and that there was no reason why EU member states cannot grant UK nationals resident citizenship of that state.

Mr Stanley added: “It begs the question why EU citizens rights should be negotiated by the EU is the absence of any terms of a free trade deal published.“It would be more appropriate to conduct citizenship issues bilaterally, as EU member states do with third countries now.

“The UK government should not engage in the creation of a federal Europe by mooting a solution to a problem that simply doesn’t exist.”

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Jane Davies
Jane Davies

I have not yet read anywhere that the people who voted to leave have a scrap of confidence in the people ‘in charge’ of this complete farce called ‘negotiations’. I know I keep on repeating myself but until we get a team made up of politicians who voted to leave to go in and do the job we are going to be sold down the river by this lot. We will be shafted, screwed, let down and dumped on by Davis and his crew. For him to be even thinking about any suggestion made by Verhoftadt fills me with horror.


I would not give Mr Verhoftadt the drippings of our noses To me he comes over like a brat having a tantrum and throwing his toys out of his pram. I have always had trouble taking this goon seriously, Just seems to be a case of I want, I want ,I want and it doesn’t matter what anyone else wants. Typical dictator mentality. We should leave them all to stew in their own juice and switch to WTO. Then see how long it is before they are asking us for trade deals, Meanwhile we can trade with the rest of… Read more »

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