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Top professor SAVAGES ‘dysfunctional’ Brussels and claims they are out to PUNISH Britain

A CAMBRIDGE professor branded the Brussels bloc as a “dysfunctional” organisation and insisted it will try anything to “sabotage” Brexit.

Cambridge history professor Robert Tombs said that Britain’s “European friends” want to punish it for deciding to leave the .BBC host James Coomarasamy suggested the UK government is not as “sure-footed as citizens would like” and asked Mr Tombs whether that will impact Brexit.Mr Tombs said the Government’s current situation encourages people who “dislike and disapprove of Brexit” to want to “sabotage” it.

He told BBC Radio 4: “Both our friends in Europe who obviously want to show that Britain is paying a price for this and also people at home who haven’t accepted the result of the referendum and who still some of them at least still hope that somehow things will be reversed.

Brexit News Cambridge University Professor UK Getty/BBC

Robert Tombs called the EU a “dysfunctional and highly unpopular organisation”

“I think this is not going to happen but certainly if we had a more stable and political situation and a stronger government, things would be much easier.”Mr Tombs insisted the UK Government may seem disorganised but it is the same throughout the globe, particularly in America.He said: “Our crisis, such as they are an infinitely less serious than those of the United States, look around Europe.

“Look at . Look at Germany. Look at the whole of eastern Europe. Look at France, a very fragile political situation.

“There’s a crisis facing the whole of the democratic world and we are sharing to some extent in that.“, well a lot of people don’t like Brexit, but it doesn’t seem to me to be a terribly difficult thing to understand.”Mr Tombs said that Britain voted to leave a “dysfunctional and highly unpopular organisation”. He suggested that seeing it as a “protectionist reaction” would be a “complete misunderstanding.”

The sixth round of Brexit negotiations is set to begin on Thursday in Brussels following fears from the EU chief negotiations that talks are at a “disturbing” deadlock.

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