Hard Brexit DEAD? Free trade deal with EU ‘most likely outcome as no deal chances tumble’

A FREE trade agreement between the UK and the EU is now the most likely outcome from trade talks, a poll of economists has found.

The poll follows a breakthrough in talks after the warring parties finally agreed on a sky-high £44billion Brexit bill and a solution to the possible Northern Ireland border closure, according to reports.Economist Peter Dixon of Commerzbank said: “UK negotiators would be guilty of a dereliction of duty if they failed to agree a free-trade agreement – or at least to agree talks about talks.”

The poll showed a fall in the predicted chances of a so-called disorderly Brexit – with no deal reached – from 30 per cent to 25 per cent.

Brexit bill Theresa MayGETTY

Chances of a no deal Brexit slashed following reports Theresa May is ready to pay EU £44bn

Kallum Pickering of Berenberg said: “With the UK ready to honour its full commitments in the Brexit bill, and a good chance that London and Dublin can strike a compromise on the Irish border question soon, we now see a lower risk that the UK and the EU will part company without a future trade deal by the March 2019 Brexit deadline.”

The second most likely outcome according to the Reuters poll would see the UK trading with the EU under WTO rules after failing to secure a deal.

We now see a lower risk that the UK and the EU will part company without a future trade deal

Kallum Pickering of Berenberg

While the third most likely outcome was membership of the European Economic Area, which would see the UK handing cash to Brussels in order to remain a member of the Single Market.And the least likely outcome is a reversal of the historic decision to ditch Brussels.

News of the poll comes after shocked Britons vented their rage at the “disgusting” Brexit bill.

Appearing on BBC Daily Politics, Feltham residents – one of the only London areas to vote to Leave – were furious about having to pay a multi-billion Brexit bill to leave the Brussels bloc.

One said: “I’m not paying all that out. We need it in this country. We need it for our hospitals.”


Talks are expected to move on to a trade deal with progress on the divorce bill and Ireland border

While another person said: “No, I think it’s absolutely disgusting. I don’t see why we should pay them a penny. I think we should walk away and say enough is enough.”But one resident said he was so desperate to leave the European Union that he would be willing to pay any sum of money.

One Feltham Brexiteer said: “We promise it so we ought to pay something and this to me is a fair amount. And I voted Leave and I knew what I was voting for.”

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The true cost to Britain being a part of the European Union is close to £661 million per week since 2010, a number hidden from Voters, due to an intricate payments system which we all know is ignored by the mainstream media. The UK has lost £80billion to theTreasury after the European Court of Justice forced tax rebates to multinationals, at the detriment to Government spending, which of course includes Hospitals and Schools. If the EU exceeds its budget, as it did in the fiscal year 2014-2015, UK is responsible for footing the difference, which was £1.7 billion that year,… Read more »

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