Clockwise from top left – Amber Rudd, Ken Clarke, Anna Soubry, Mary Craigh, Lisa Nandy and Tom Brake.

These politicians all have a large ‘Leave’ majority yet they persist in doing everything that they can to overturn the democratic wishes of both their Country and their Constituents.  These are in addition to the many MPs in Parliament who do not have large Leave majorities but are still doing their best to overturn the wishes of the majority because they know better than all the millions that voted.

Britain is no longer a feudal society and has not been for many centuries.

So why is it that we allow ourselves to be ruled by Oligarchs?

The word ‘Democracy’ comes from the ancient Greek word ‘dēmokratía’ which means, literally, rule by the People.

Civilised Society must have rules and must have some form of Government, but that Government must be by the consent of the People and should not be taken for granted.

One of the post poignant and pertinent quotes ever spoken was made by Abraham Lincoln in his ‘Gettysburg Address’ in November, 1863 whilst opening the new ‘Soldiers Military Cemetery’ in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania:

that these dead shall not have died in vain — that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

It is poignant and peculiar to the American people because of their awful and bloody civil war, but it is pertinent to all Nation States in that it should be ‘that  government of the people, by the people, for the people’ was the guiding principle of all civilised Government.  Yet, almost invariably, that is not the case.

Parliament, since Cromwell, has been consolidating more and more power to itself.  The Queen has been relegated to merely being a ‘Titular Head of State’ simply because Parliament has declared itself to be ‘sovereign’ and whilst if makes all of the Law of the Land, it has nobody to gainsay them.

Because there is no real ‘oversight’ of Parliament, it has awarded itself myriad privileges, expense accounts, holidays and a pension scheme far in excess of that which the ordinary person that pays their salary could aspire to.

But, by far, their greatest crime is their arrogance.  Far too many of them consider themselves to be the elite when, in point of fact, they are no more knowledgeable than anyone that elects them to Office.

Following the greatest Electoral procedure that has ever taken place in this Country, around 400 MPs consider themselves to be wiser than the 17.4 Million People that voted to leave the EU.  That is a travesty that cannot be allowed to continue in a so-called democracy.  It is bad enough that they should be arguing the right of people to self determination, there are at least 15 MPs who not only preside over Constituencies that voted a large majority to leave, they defied their own Party whips to add insult to injury by either not turning up or refusing to vote for the Article 50 notice to the EU.  They are:

From left to right:  Tom Brake, Pat Glass, Gavin Shuker, Peter Bottomley and Ken Clarke.

L – R: Fiona MacTaggart, Pauline Latham, Ian Mearns, Clive Efford and George Howarth

L – R:  Mary Craigh, Stephen Hepburn, Chris Bryant, Jake Beary and Catherine MacKinnell.

The worm is beginning to turn

Until very recently, MPs were looked upon as something of an elite and treated with a certain reverence but that is beginning to change.

With the advent of wide spread usage of the Internet, people are now able to find out the facts for themselves and no longer rely on Parliament to provide their version of the ‘truth’.

They can see what many of the politicians truly are and it is not very edifying.

The Electorate believe that their Member of Parliament should be subject to the wishes of the those that put them in Office and help pay their salaries, expense accounts and many other privileges.  But far too many MPs, once elected proceed to follow their own agenda or that of their Party.

This has has got to stop

Up to now, the only way that an MP can be ‘recalled’ to their Constituency is if they have been sentenced to a term of imprisonment or suspended from Parliament for 21 working days.  To remedy this, we have started a petition requiring the Government to extend the ‘Recall of MPs Act:2015 to include a third reason for recall and that is to fail to carry out the wishes of the majority of their Constituents as voted for in a local or National referendum.

If they are recalled to face their Constituents and fail to justify their actions, they will be required to stand again in a new bye-election in which they can lose their seats.

The Petition went online on the 21st June, 2018 and it is hoped that everybody who feels let down by the actions of their MP, not only in the matter of Brexit but at any other time when they have deliberately failed in their duty.  The link to the petition is:

Please sign it and ask all your family, friends and on social media to do it also.  If nothing else, Brexit has galvanised many into wanting to tell the Government that we are not satisfied with the way that they carry out their duty and we insist that they change their way of thinking.  Who knows, we may even, one day, become a democracy in Britain.

If you have not already done it, please also sign the petition published last week calling on the Government to acknowledge what so many of us believe in that we were taken into the EC, EEC and subsequently, the EU illegally because in doing so, they abrogated many of British Statutes, the Constitution and International Law or were complicit in the actions of their predecessors. That link is:

It is essential that we begin to hold the Government to account as they appear incapable of acting properly towards the people of this Country.


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Jeff Chipps
Jeff Chipps

The key words in this are “represent” and “serve”. Something few MPs elect to do. Once elected most seem to regard their position as an entitled career and this attitude MUST change. I hope this petition does just that!

Jane Davies
Jane Davies

I agree with every word of this post, we have had enough of the tail wagging the dog and it’s way past time for MP’s to be called to account. They are our servants and by becoming an MP does not elevate one into a higher intelligence or in any way into a superior being. I have signed and shared this article.

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