It was bad enough to read the proposed content for May’s white paper ( presented at last Friday’s ‘Chequers’ Meeting and that May had threatened all present with immediate dismissal if they did not fully concur with her presentation, it now seems that the suspicion that many of us held was found to be true.

Theresa May has committed Treason by colluding with Britain’s opponents (Angela Merkel) in devising the wording of a White Paper outlining Britain’s Negotiating Position to the detriment of the Referendum result and the wishes of the British People.

Not only did she continue to give succour to an opponent of this Country that is intent upon doing us harm, she did so behind the back of her Brexit Secretary, David Davis, whom she knew to be working on such a white paper.

David Davis was forced to resign on the grounds “However, even in that event it seems to me that the national interest requires a Secretary of State in my Department that is an enthusiastic believer in your approach, and not merely a reluctant conscript.”

In other words, May has cut the ground from under Davis’s position as Secretary for Exiting the EU and as such, he could not continue supporting her.

The irony is that though May has conspired with Merkel to completely undermine the British negotiating position, Merkel’s draft of the White Paper is still not enough for Barnier and may still fail altogether unless May compounds her treachery by giving yet more concessions.

This situation cannot be allowed to continue.

In her arrogance, May probably does not care about the outcome of the negotiations as it affects her.  She is now over 60 years old and probably happy to retire at the next election in order to follow her favourite pursuit of walking.  She and her husband will be more than comfortably well off and not in the least affected as will the less well off in Britain.

She just does not care about the People of Britain and how their right to self determination is being derailed by her in servile regard to Big Business.  Why should she, her husband is part of it?

In her complete arrogance, she believes that she can just walk away from the mess that she has created.

Well, I hope to have news for her – she will not if I and many others have their way.

It is well recognised that the Westminster ‘Club’ will do nothing to disturb the cosy little environment that they have created for themselves.  They will exact no real retribution from her.  But, we can if we have a mind to.

I have today started a crowd funding account with the intention of bringing a private prosecution for her latest episode of direct collusion with an opponent of Britain with the direct intention of doing us harm.  She has, in fact, done more harm to this Country than William Joyce, The Cambridge 5 and all of the other traitors that have conspired against Britain.

I have started the fund off with a small donation.  I hope that the many millions that voted for Brexit will also contribute.  Follow this link to the fund page and give as much as you can: (


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Jane Davies
Jane Davies

Peter regarding your suggestion that we all pay a pound each towards charging her and getting a conviction is a good one. Is there a lawyer out there willing to take this on?


With hindsight, it’s clear that this has been her and the snake-like Hammond’s intention from the start, with the inclusion of dedicated civil service Remainer Olly Robbins as Brexit secretary, bypassing David Davis, and then clearing it in advance with Merkel, and bullying the Cabinet into reluctant agreement. But there’s been too much outcry-I don’t think is going anywhere. We’ll be fine under WTO rules.

Tony Butler

Why not charge both sides of the Housr of Commond with High Treason? After all, in its own Joiurnals of the HOUSE OF COMMONS 1783, it lays bare the magnitued, of their corruption of blatant Treason against, the Consitution, its Chief Trustee and Guardian of both it and the RIGHTS of the PEOPLE Volume 49. Journals of the House of Commons 1783. (Possibly intended for use in the centeniary of the Bill of Rights 1689 “. . . all Sovereign, Legislative, and Judicial Power are the Rights of the People; and though the People have delegated those their Original Powers… Read more »

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