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What is happening on the Government ePetition website? Are we being taken for a ride?

In 2006, ‘that great champion of democracy’ (sic),Tony Blair, with great fanfare, introduced the Government ePetition website.  [...]


May is doing what we all feared she would do;  betray us to her Corporate Masters. Reproduced below is an early opinion by Martin Howe QC o [...]


Clockwise from top left – Amber Rudd, Ken Clarke, Anna Soubry, Mary Craigh, Lisa Nandy and Tom Brake. These politicians all have a lar [...]

One Down, one to go.

After four attempts to get my petition to have Parliament acknowledge the wide spread feeling that membership by Britain of the EEC/EU is il [...]

Is the Government Petitions website denying the publication of some petitions to avoid embarrassing the Government?

Recently, to the surprise of many, the Daily Express published two articles by Lara Deauville exposing the existence of FCO 30/1048 and an e [...]

We were lied to! Secret document FCO 30/1048 kept truth about EU from British for 30 years

A SECRET document, which remained locked away for 30 years, advised the British Government to COVER-UP the realities of EU membership so tha [...]

REVEALED: How Whitehall thought British public TOO STUPID to be trusted with EU decision

A SECRET document prepared for pro-Europe Tory Prime Minster Edward Heath shows how the Foreign Office knew EU membership would dismantle Br [...]


Since Trevor Colman retired as an MEP, I have run this website with the intention of keeping you all informed of what is going on in the EU [...]

‘No automatic transition’ Key Merkel ally throws DOUBT on whether Britain will get EU deal

BRITAIN could crash out of the EU without a transitional deal if “substantive progress” is not made on future relations within the next [...]

LEAKED DOC shows EU will not give UK better trade terms to avoid UPSETTING other countries

EU LEADERS will refuse to give Britain a preferential trade deal in case it upsets other countries, according to a leaked internal document. [...]

Panicking European finance ministers threaten TRADE WAR with US over Trump tax cuts

PANICKING European finance ministers have threatened a trade war with the US over Donald Trump’s planned tax cuts. By MARK CHANDLER Minis [...]

Why ‘exit from Brexit’ would be a disaster

LIAM HALLIGAN Former leader of the Liberal Democrats and Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, has been leading a campaign to stop Brexit CRED [...]

The Brexit agreement in full.

  EPA 1 of 17 “I believe it’s a matter of trust and integrity in politicians for people to be able to trust that their politician [...]

Brexit Clause 49 EXPOSED: The 9 lines in EU deal that WILL impose soft Brexit by stealth

Editorial Comment. I received very few responses to my call for readers to contact me with regard to taking Civil Action against the Governm [...]

Brexit deal LIVE: May says ‘significant give & take’ for deal – what has she sacrificed?

AFTER months of negotiations and perilous politics Theresa May and Jean-Claude Juncker have finally struck a deal to move on Brexit negotiat [...]


It is so difficult to find  out how to find groups that are able to translate our desires into action. We all know they are out there but t [...]

Sir Richard Aikens writes to Prime Minister concerning reported continued jurisdiction by ECJ

the Rt Hon Sir Richard Aikens, President of Lawyers for Britain and former Lord Justice of Appeal, has written to the Prime Minister in orde [...]

EU ‘to control British aviation AFTER Brexit’ as May steps over red line

BRITAIN will seek to remain in an aviation safety body under the indirect jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice after Brexit, crossi [...]

Hard Brexit DEAD? Free trade deal with EU ‘most likely outcome as no deal chances tumble’

A FREE trade agreement between the UK and the EU is now the most likely outcome from trade talks, a poll of economists has found. By TARYN [...]

Brexit betrayal: EU says UK will pay BILLIONS as May buckles to divorce bill pressure

THERESA May has agreed to pay a set share of EU budgets after Brexit, according to a senior Brussels official, as the divorce bill deadlock [...]

Trapped! Nigel Farage livid UK will leave ‘totally unreasonable’ EU ‘in legal terms only’

NIGEL Farage thinks the UK will leave the EU “in legal terms” only and the nation will still be in the clutches of Brussels with uncontr [...]

Brexit bill FARCE: UK to give EU £450,000 for Brussels’ CRACKDOWN on democracy

BRITAIN will be helping the European Union combat movements similar to Brexit if the Government agrees to part with Brussels’ extortionate [...]

EU set to send £89m aid to foreign armies for STATIONERY and furniture

THE European Union wants to pump £88.5million of aid money into foreign armed forces, despite most of its members failing to meet Nato targ [...]

European Union-Aust trade talks delayed

Lisa Martin, AAP Australia and the European Union are unlikely to officially fire the gun on the start of free trade negotiations this year. [...]

‘UK chose to be on its OWN!’ Michel Barnier rages Britain abandoned EU in time of need

MICHEL Barnier today refused to confirm reports that Britain and Brussels have agreed a £50 billion Brexit bill settlement, saying the two [...]

‘Prepare for NO DEAL’ EU negotiator Barnier warns EU27 Brexit talks could COLLAPSE

MICHEL Barnier today put the boot into the British Government when he accused ministers of not telling UK businesses the “whole truth” a [...]

Pay for FISH! EU to demand ‘fish for airlines’ trade deal in Brexit row

THE European Union appears to be gearing up to play hardball when trade talks kick off as officials look to get their hands on Britain’ [...]

Never-never-Land or: Trade agreements with the EU.

Editorial Comment Do ‘Remainers’ seriously wish to continue to be in this trading regime? The EU’s record of obtaining tra [...]

BREXIT SELL-OUT? May ‘to keep final deal SECRET from UK public to avoid political row’

THERESA MAY plans to keep the final Brexit bill secret from the public after agreeing to hand over more than £40billion to the European Uni [...]
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