EU Treaties and protocols

The Lisbon Treaty.

A ‘readable’ copy of the Treaty.  This Treaty is being constantly amended but it is no longer easy to download copies of the Treaty and it is therefore difficult to say how up to date this one is, but it will give you an insight as to just how complex the Treaty is.



Protocols and immunities enjoyed by those working in the EU

Virtually all EU Apparatchiks enjoy almost total immunity from prosecution, for whatever crime committed whilst working for the EU – FOR LIFE



2010 Amendments to the Charter for Fundamental Rights.

The original Charter for Human Rights was written in 1951, mainly by British lawyers.  The EU drew up its own version and incorporated it into the Lisbon Treaty and it then became EU Law.  However, it made these amendments in April 2010, just 4 months after the Lisbon Treaty came into effect.

The most worrying aspect was changes to Article 2 of the Charter ( page 6 of the document that said that the ‘Right to Life’ enshrined in Article 2 of the ECHR would not be breached according to the exceptions where up to lethal force can be used to put down riots and for escaping from/resisting arrest and gives immunity to any Authority used.  The same Amendments also have set a legal precedent for the EU to return to Capital Punishment if it so desires.



A Fundament Law

The Spinelli Group of arch Federalists started by Guy Verhofstadt in the European Parliaments numbers around 103 (declared) Members with the sole aim of turning Europe into a Superstate.  The also have the backing of many of the EU departments.  The group has produced a document (A Fundamental Law) which is intended to consolidate all of the former treaties into one and also goes much further in removing the status of National Parliaments and relating them to mere ‘European Parliaments’ who will be little more than the devolved Parliaments and Assemblies in the UK.  It also advocates that the unelected Commission would be the Government of this new State of Europe.

This document has already been submitted to the European Treaty Change Committee which is deliberating at the moment and, if adopted, will bring us very much closer to that Superstate.



Article 222 of the Lisbon Treaty.

The Lisbon Treaty was signed by the Representatives of the Member States in December 2007.  Britain’s representatives were Gordon Brown and David Milliband.  At the time of signing, the Signatories were advised that the wording of Article 222 would be added ‘at a later date’.  Yet, the incomplete document was signed by all signatories without demure.  In affect, they all ‘bought a pig in a poke’ because none of them knew what they were signing for but it immediately became Law.

In fact, the wording was quietly released without even a news briefing on the 26th of July, 2014.  Almost 7 years after the Treaty was signed and came into immediate effect as the Treaty had long before been signed.

There wss always a ‘Solidarity’ Clause in the Lisbon Treaty which offered mutual cooperation but this new Article went much further in requiring ALL member states to put ALL of their Military and Police forces at the disposal of the EU when required.

This Articled ostensibly was to provide Supranational support across the EU in the event of a ‘Armed Attack by Terrorists’ by the use of Paramilitary Forces drawn from Member and Candidate States.  This force would very likely be the European Gendarmerie Force which numbers more than 3000 and is fully equipped with full  military equipment including tanks and helicopters and are trained solely to very effectively put down civil disturbance and insurrection.

All that is required to deploy them in a National State is for a member of a Government (Not a Parliament) to request it. These foreign troops (they will not use troops from the requesting Country) will then be deployed in that Country and will come under the direct control of the ‘High Representative’ and the EU Commission but cannot then be got rid of by the ‘Host’ Nation, not even by an Act of Parliament.

Given the EU’s penchant for interpreting their treaties as they see fit, it is highly likely that they will interpret a domestic riot as ‘Armed Terrorism’ if a rioter should so much as throw a crowd control barrier at a Policeman.

Dominic Raab MP made a written question to the Home Office whether it was ever envisaged that the British Government would ever consider using foreign troops on British soil and was told by Keith Brokenshire (Home Office Minister) in Parliament; ‘Yes, if circumstances warranted it.  That is High Treason under the 1848 Treason Act.



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