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This site presents, in blog posts, our main arguments for why the existing EU is not suited to UK needs. For a summary of key topics click Contents on the right of this page. For further discussion points click the Blog link below. Posts are categorised under Pages; use the menu to find them. We invite (moderated) reader comments – please keep the debate polite.

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Some idealists favour remaining in the EU on principle but many voters are inclined towards “the devil they know” rather than the uncertainties of leaving. There are uncertainties either way.

The EU is currently facing some major problems. It is not structured to solve these and its path is set against reforms compatible with Britain’s interests, despite our opt-outs.

We present a case for leaving. We have tried to avoid representing opinion as fact, as many ‘expert’ forecasts do.

We sometimes refer to the EU as the Project to reflect the fact that it is an uncompleted process. We don’t pretend that we present a balanced view: we omit much that is good about the EU, mainly because we are unaware of much that is good about the EU; that is because the benefits may exist only in details obscure to outsiders (i.e. most of its citizens). The case for EU, such as it is, is better made by others.

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