Germany’s Four Reichs

Germany’s Four Reichs
Origins and Development, seeking
World Domination in ruthless terror.
by Harry Beckhough

Harry Beckhough was born in Bristol in 1914. He is an Honours graduate of Bristol University in philology, specialising in German. Studying in Freiburg University in 1933 he witnessed Hitler’s rise to power.

In WWII, he was commissioned in the Royal Artillery, served in India, until taken over byBletchley Park, (Station X) as Codebreaker. He served with the 8th Army, breaking Rommel’s signals and messages for Montgomery. After Alamein victory, he was recalled to India to serve with the 14th (Burma) Army, dealing with Japanese code signals.
On return home as Lt. Col. R.A./Int, he became S.O.I. (Senior Officer) with Foreign Office with the remit to resuscitate the Rhineland Universities of Cologne and Bonn. There he met regularly Dr. Konrad Adenauer C.D.U., Chancellor of the first post-war German Government, members of his family and Ministers. Over 4 years, to end 1950 he met many of the leading statesmen and prominent figures in Bonn, seat of the first Government. As an academic, in charge of the 2 Universities, they spoke freely to him of their plans for the future. He has extensive knowledge of Germany, and has explored the development of its aggressive nature from its earliest years.

This book reveals that inherited desire for domination which has been Germany’s major characteristic through major wars and battles over the centuries, invariably ending in chaos, as exemplified by their leading German philosopher, Nietzsche.


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