Get a much wider audience for your posts.

Many of you have important things to say on the various articles published on these Community Pages but circulation is limited to only 200 – 300 readers.

If what you have to say is important enough for you to sit down and write it, then it should have a bigger audience.

Our sister website, averages between 8000 and 10,000 page reads per week and often more than that.  Our record from last year produced over 8000 ‘hits’ IN A SINGLE DAY.

We have several regular subscribers to the ‘comments’ on our site which often result in a fairly long conversation in which you can interact and read the views of others.

So, why not come along to the site to make your comments, they are reproduced with the articles with the articles on this Community Page but your thoughts can be read by thousands of people, literally all over the World.

It is no more difficult to sign up as a subscriber to the website than it was for you to join this Community.  All you need do is scroll down the ‘admin’ panel on the left hand side of every page until you get to ‘Get notifications of new posts by Email’ and enter your email address and name.  That’s it. Done.

You will automatically get an email notification as soon as an article is published and you will have access to videos, guest blogs, downloads and much more.

We look forward to seeing you all there on the website.

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