Global Britain – Briefing Notes

Global Britain is one of the most informative websites providing much research and technical information for those of us who wish to leave the EU.

They periodically publishes a series of ‘Briefing Notes’ which contain much useful information.  Listed below are a number of selected items for you to read.


BN110  Growth in UK exports: EU bottom of class                                          Download

BN109  Failing EU handicaps UK exports                                                       Download

BN108     The 2015 Pink Book                                                                                          Download
BN107      Demography in the EU                                                                                      Download
BN106     The 1963 Franco-German Treaty of the Elysee                                                  Download
BN105      UK trade in goods with the Eurozone                                                                 Download

BN104    Why Airbus will stay in the UK                                                          Download

BN103    The Jersey Option                                                                           Download

BN102    Car Makers will stay in the UK after Brexit                                         Download

BN101     Customs Duties: an EU tax on UK consumers                                   Download

BN100     UK Export Growth: over twice as fast outside the EU                         Download

BN99       Transforming the NHS ?                                                                   Download

BN98       The Hidden Cost of Exporting to the EU Single Market                       Download

BN96       Post-Brexit, tariff-free UK-EU trade in cars will continue                     Download

BN92       Global Supply Chains don’t spring into being overnight…                    Download

BN89       Anglosphere to grow; Continental EU to shrink                                   Download

BN86       Would Berlin allow any discrimination against UK exports                    Download

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