Torquil Dick-Erikson

Torquil is  a British citizen who has been living in Italy for the last 38 years, and have been studying the area of
comparative criminal justice and procedure for the last 25 years, having been published in various papers and journals and spoken from various platforms from time to time.  He has given Written Evidence and  been cited in debates in the Houses of Parliament four times, in particular in January 2003 when Nick Hawkins MP read aloud a 6-page briefing paper he had prepared on aspects of Italian criminal procedure, in Standing Committee, debating the European Arrest Warrant. In April 1997 he was invited as a guest of the European Commission to a seminar in Spain where they
unveiled the Corpus Juris project for a single system of criminal justice to be enforced throughout the EU; subsequently he contributed written evidence to the House of Lords Report on Corpus Juris (9thReport, 1998-99, HL Paper 62—pp 117-119).

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